Let’s Build A Benevolent Future Together

AI can be used to save lives, transform communities, and build a better society for everyone – but only if we use it wisely. We partner with global non-profits, educational organizations, and social impact entrepreneurs to offer pro bono advisory in data science, machine learning, and artificial intelligence for social good initiatives.

Why We’re Passionate About AI For Social Good

Like any technology, AI can be used for good or evil. In order to ensure a benevolent future for all of humankind, we need to educate and empower humanitarian causes, community leaders, and social entrepreneurs around the world to leverage machine learning and automation to address their most pressing problems.

Collaborative Design Is Critical For Effective & Safe AI

The trope “there’s an app for that” is quickly becoming “there’s an AI for that.” Want to assess the narrative quality of a story? Disney’s got an AI for that. Got a shortage of doctors but still need to treat patients? IBM Watson prescribes the same treatment plan as...

Fighting Biased Algorithms & Homogenous Thinking In AI

When Timnit Gebru attended a prestigious AI research conference last year, she counted 6 black people in the audience out of an estimated 8,500. And only one black woman: herself. As a PhD candidate at Stanford University who has published a number of notable papers...

Why We Need To Democratize Global AI Education

When Sahil Singla joined the social impact startup Farmguide, he was shocked to discover that thousands of rural farmers in India commit suicide every year. When harvests go awry, desperate farmers are forced to borrow from microfinance loan sharks at crippling rates....

Request Pro Bono Advisory

If you run a non-profit, social impact organization, education company, or another humanitarian initiative and believe that data science, machine learning, and AI can be beneficial to your organization and your impact, please tell us more about your goals and vision below.


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